Save Commissions when You Sell With 2% Okanagan

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Savings on Commissions

Can be in the thousands of dollars when you list your property for sale with 2% Realty.  Even on a $300,000 home you can save $7,000 that sellers would normally pay based on the standard commission of 7% of the first $100,000 and 3% on the amount over $100,000. (See chart below)

For example, selling a $300,000 home would cost the seller $7,000 on the first $100,000 PLUS 3% of $200,000 (the remaining amount of the sale price) which is $6,000 for a total commission payout of $13,000!  But with 2% Realty and Randy Rauck, you pay only 2% of the total sale price. In this case, 2%of $300,000 which is $6,000!

Why Pay More to Sell Your Property?  See the chart below.  2% Realty offers all the service you’d expect from your licensed Realtor! 


*Commissions are paid by sellers.  If you are buying property, use the free services of a licensed REALTOR®.  I will be happy to send you a FREE HomeBuyers Road MapJust contact me to request it on-line.

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